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About Us

Real-Time Access To Highly-Cited Critical Health Sciences Content | Journals Consult

Critical decision support, powered by your choice of over 900 peer-reviewed journals

Customize your institution’s journal collection with Journals Consult. Include only the journals you choose from among more than 900 highly-cited health sciences titles. All are peer-reviewed, many are published on behalf of the world’s most prestigious medical societies, and include information on best practices, new treatment modalities, or ground-breaking research.


Complement your institution’s areas of practice with 24/7 access to full-text content from your chosen journals—up to 8 weeks in advance of print publication. Journals Consult takes content far beyond print. You can search online with pinpoint accuracy, set up customized alerts and personalize your user experience. You’ll also appreciate the audio, video and datasets, plus features like citing and related articles, and other tools.


Journals Consult offers IP-authenticated, institution-wide access from any onsite terminal as well as apps to support remote access via iPhone and other mobile devices.