Benefits of Backfiles

Benefits of Backfiles

Save money, save time - save space!

Sometimes moving forward requires looking back. When physicians want to add depth to their research, they often need to reach back into the past. But older materials may be difficult to find unless they’re online and therefore instantly accessible.


The historical collection of your institution's current journal holdings on Journals Consult will ensure you provide best-in-class service to your medical staff with peer-reviewed and highly-cited content that forms the cornerstone of today's - and tomorrow's - research advancements, evidence-based medicine and clinical practice.


Whilst a standard Journals Consult subscription always includes four-year Backfiles plus the current year building, your institution is able to extend its journal archives back to 1995 and beyond.


Benefits for Physicians

  • Enables you to explore the historical precedents that influence today’s and tomorrow’s research

  • Complete historical collection where available

  • Immediate access to ground breaking papers

  • Excellent support tool for research

  • Efficient, time-saving access on one platform, immediately available at your institution or remotely

  • Full citation linking to and from other published articles

  • Sophisticated search options and personalization features

  • Direct linking through PubMed (where applicable)

  • Can be searched via Compendex on ScienceDirect (where applicable)

Benefits for your Library

  • Backfiles help you ensure that your collection is truly complete

  • A one-off purchase with no annual fees and perpetual access rights for as long as you remain a Journals Consult subscriber

  • Less expensive per article than if you scanned each individually and substantially cheaper than document delivery

  • Major savings on storage and administration costs associated with maintaining paper archives

  • Fully searchable: HTML header, abstracts and references, the Full-text body of the articles are searchable via raw ASCII files in the background

  • Citations, abstracts and references are fully linked and CrossRef-enabled




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