Journal of Hospital Infection

Journal of Hospital Infection

Journal of Hospital Infection
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Journal of Hospital Infection

The Official Journal of the Healthcare Infection Society

The Journal of Hospital Infection is the editorially independent scientific publication of the Healthcare Infection Society. The aim of the Journal is to publish high quality research and information relating to infection prevention and control that is relevant to an international audience.
The Journal welcomes submissions that relate to all aspects of infection prevention and control in healthcare settings. This includes submissions that:

  • provide new insight into the epidemiology, surveillance, or prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections and antimicrobial resistance in healthcare settings;
  • provide new insight into cleaning, disinfection and decontamination
  • provide new insight into the design of healthcare premises.
  • describe novel aspects of outbreaks of infection;
  • throw light on techniques for effective antimicrobial stewardship;
  • describe novel techniques (laboratory-based or point of care) for the detection of infection or antimicrobial resistance in the healthcare setting, particularly if these can be used to facilitate infection prevention and control;
  • improve understanding of the motivations of safe healthcare behaviour, or describe techniques for achieving behavioural and cultural change;
  • improve understanding of the use of IT systems in infection surveillance and prevention and control.
  • We also welcome submissions that relate to national policies or guidelines, especially where the subject matter is of international relevance.
    Although our readership is predominantly clinical, we are also pleased to received basic science submissions that have clinical relevance.
    All contributions should be submitted online at Instructions to authors can be found at or by visiting the journal?s home page
    The Journal of Hospital Infection articles are published electronically on Science Direct with current and forthcoming contents available at

    J. Gray. Birmingham, England, UK
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